Welding Columns & Booms

The use of column & boom welding machines is always necessary when one welding machine has to weld the longitudinal and circumferential weld seam as well as from the inside and outside of a pipe or vessel.
The conventional column & boom manipulators on the market are deficient in some areas, so we decided to develop a massive, high-quality column & boom welding machine which guarantees with 1-wire, tandem or 3-wire submerged arc welding technology a very stable and vibration-free operation and in addition affordable. The max. load capacity at the end of the boom is standard 1.000kg whereby the welder is able to move on the welder's seat without welding defects directly into the weld seam.

Column & boom welding machines of the latest generation are individually prepared and manufactured to the customer requirements through our modular system. Special solutions, such as an additional GMAW welding torch behind the submerged arc welding head, are also possible. The robust and solid design guarantees a continuous stable production process under the hardest working conditions and a long life expectancy - even in a 3-shift operation! The double lifting column of our column & boom allows the height adjustment of the boom either with a telescopic hydraulic cylinder or with 2 heavy-duty chain hoists. Due to our special roller guiding system the movements of the machine will run for years almost without abrasion - the elaborate and costly replacement of liable to wear racks or spindles are thing of the past!

Our welding columns & booms are offered in a variety of dimensions (standard 3m x 3m to 6m x 6m), available with 1-wire, tandem or 3-wire submerged arc welding technology, with or without welding flux system.

Product example

3x6 Column & Boom 8
Column & Boom Manipulator
Column & Boom Manipulator
Column & Boom Manipulator
3x6 Column & Boom 7

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