SAW Plate Welding Machine

The SAW Plate Welding Machine is used to produce jointed metal plates, which are required for the production of large diameter pipe cans, e.g. for offshore wind foundations. Jointed plates with a length up to 31,400 mm, a width of 4,200 mm and 150 mm wall thickness can be produced with this machine. The single metal plates are aligned by hydraulic plate tables, tacked together with GMAW and finally welded with up to five wires in the submerged arc welding process.

  • Power sources: Lincoln, Miller or ESAB available
  • Complete control panel, based on Siemens S7
  • Flux supply system, heated, with automatic decanting: 200 litres flux oven, 100 litres pressure tank, 40 litres flux separator and 8 litres flux hopper incl. sensor system for flux level control
4-wire plate welding machine (3-D-drawing)
4-wire plate welding machine