WELDEC delivers 3x6 column & boom with 1-wire SAW technology


For the company Westerwälder Eisenwerk GmbH (WEW) today a 1-wire submerged arc welding column & boom manipulator with 3.000mm lifting and 6.000mm outreach leaves our factory. The column & boom is because of its special design very solid and due to the robust boom console, with drive unit and guidance via 4 pretensioned steel rollers, a nearly vibration- and stutter-free operation is permitted.

The control of the machine for inside longitudinal or circumferential welding takes place from the ground via control panel with monitor based on Siemens S7 and for outside welding via a second control panel, which is mounted on a separate welding platform. When outside welding the welding platform drives parallel to the welding head in the selected welding speed, so the welder always has a perfect view onto the weld.

The rotation speed for circumferential welding is realised via a turning device with manual track undercarriage for a maximum load capacity of 10 tons. A workpiece diameter of 900mm up to 2,500mm with a max. length of 6,000mm can now be welded with high quality.

Overview of design and functionality of the whole system:

- 3.000mm lifting via hydraulic telescopic cylinders
- 6.000mm outreach of the boom
- Separate welding platform, hydraulically height-adjustable via a telescopic cylinder
- 2 control panels based on Siemens S7 for the complete control of the column & boom, welding platform and turning device
- Automatic, heated flux supply system (up to 130°C) incl. flux exhaustion
- Moving & Turning Device without traction drive for a max. load capacity of 10 tons
- 1-wire submerged arc welding head 90° rotatable for a quick conversion from longitudinal to circumferential welds
- Welding head correction via a motorized cross support, which can be controlled via joystick in the control panel
- Job saving of the pipe or vessel data with the appropriate welding parameter
- Camera system with light
- Automatic laser height sensing system
- Temperature monitoring of the welding flux

3x6 Column & Boom 2
3x6 Column & Boom 1
3x6 Column & Boom 3
3x6 Column & Boom 4
3x6 Column & Boom 8
3x6 Column & Boom 5
3x6 Column & Boom 6
3x6 Column & Boom 7