Herewith we would like to inform you about the latest changes in our company structure.

To meet the requirements of our customers for complex solutions for nearly all production stages around the production, bending and processing of pipes better than before, we were merged together with the company AWS Schäfer Technologie GmbH located in Wilnsdorf, Germany on 21st of august 2017.

Our common corporate name from now on is „AWS Schaefer Technologie GmbH“. The legal succession of Weldec GmbH has been taken over as well.

The contact persons you already know from “Weldec GmbH” as well as from „AWS Schäfer Technologie GmbH“ will not change.

We hope, that we will continue our cooperation with you as good as it was in the past.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us, if you have any questions.


It is our aim to fulfil the requirements, expectations and wishes of our clients!

We would like to consult and support you in the extension of your production; by developing individual complete solutions in the sector of:

  •     The Tube & Pipe industry
  •     Machinery and pressure vessel constructions
  •     Pipeline constructions / the production of pipe accessories
  •     Offshore and onshore windmill tower construction
  •     Structural steelwork engineering

We also offer you a training service! This means that your employees will be trained and acquainted on identically constructed facilities.

Furthermore our product line comprises:

Contact us!

Last updated: 24.08.2017