Moving & Turning Device

Moving & Turning devices are required to manipulate cylindrical workpieces such as pipes and vessels. The center adjustment of the turning rolls is optionally manual by hand with locking pins, by spindle and hand ratchet, motor-driven with spindle or hydraulically. Through the mounted gear motors for the rotary and traction drive, the positioning of the pipes in radial and longitudinal axis is guaranteed i.e. welding of round or longitudinal seams is possible.

Our Moving & Turning Devices are available in various designs for a load of 5 up to 2.000 tons.

In the scope of supply is standardly a switching system, control panel and all necessary control cables included. The turning rolls are normally made of hardened steel and are depending on requirements fitted with Vulcollan or PUR bandages.

We also offer special customised solutions.

Example load versions:

  • 5 tons
  • 10 tons
  • 20 tons
  • 30 tons
  • 50 tons
  • 80 tons
  • 100 tons
  • 150 tons
  • 200 tons
  • 250 tons
  • 300 tons
  • 500 tons
  • 1000 tons
  • 1500 tons

Several Moving & Turning Devices

50t Tandem Moving & Turning Device
1000t Moving & Turning Device
Moving and Turning Device 30 t
15t Moving & Turning Device


Transport Carriage

The Transport Carriage transports plates & pipes from the production hall to the outside warehouse. The trolley is bounded on rails and equipped with dual wheels to cross rail crossings. On the trolley is one switching system mounted and the power supply can take place either via an aggregate / generator or via a cable and spring cable drum.
The trolley mainly consists of:
Base frame, pipe support, undercarriage frame, running wheels with flange, running wheels without flange, gear motors, switching system and remote control

  • Load: 100t
  • Pipe diameter: min. 406,4 mm, max. 2.134 mm
  • Pipe length: min. 4.000 mm, max. 13.200 mm
  • Pipe weight: max. 100 t
Transport Trolley 50t
Transportation cart
Transportation cart